Saturday, September 9, 2017

2017 Arctic Ice-Melt Season Ends with NO NORTHWEST PASSAGE



The NorthEast Passage (Russia-Norway) opened up a little bit in 2017, but the Northwest Passage (Alaska-Canada) remained blocked by Ice. A very small number of vessels got through with Icebreaker Support. Arctic Ice extent will continue it's rapid growth increase in the coming years as we enter a Grand Solar Minimum. The Arctic Ice Cap's size did decrease sharply in 2012-2013, but it has since rebounded back up very rapidly in 2015-2017. 

All of the hype about the Polar Ice Caps melting by 2014 turned out to be FAKE NEWS. Please do not lose one minute of sleep worrying about the Polar Ice Caps. The scare is over. 

Ironically, The Antarctic Ice extent reached an all time record high in 2014 and keeps growing. 

All those animations of American cities going underwater, due to rising global sea levels, were just science fiction. 

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