Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chinese Missiles Strike Boston Harbor: WWIII Imminent

Breaking News: Battleships from The Peoples Republic of China, and it's North Korean partners have commenced live-fire artillery drills aiming high-explosive missiles into the waters of Boston Harbor. They have assured the Pentagon and the White House that this is simply a training exercise, and the artillery barrage should not be misunderstood as a provocation or act-of-war. President Obama and the Pentagon have promised a forceful and rapid military response.

Yes - this "breaking news" is fictional, but it mirrors exactly what is really happening right now in the oceans off North Korea and China. America and it's South Korean partners DID fire high-explosive artillery into North Korean waters, and they ARE sending battleships to the Chinese coast. The misguided aggression of the US/South Korean partners is clearly a provocation and an act of war. It is War-President Obama's smokescreen to fool the gullible American public, just like GW Bush had his bogus weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... ...f@ck off - don't even try. Current events in the Asian oceans are purely "Made in the USA". They come courtesy of the Obama regime and Obama's Pentagon handlers. The days when Presidents gave orders to the Pentagon ended with the death of JFK. Watch the movie "13 Days" if you want to see how a strong, smart President handles the Pentagon. 13 Days should be required viewing for every President-elect.

The only parts of the American economy that are going strong are the Congressional-Military-Industrial Complex and the Prison-Industrial Complex. You have a greater chance of being locked up in America than you do in China or North Korea. Wars and the imprisoning of mostly non-violent Americans have become the greatest make-work programs in American history, after government itself. Are you next? Countless innocent people are locked up in America. The Innocence Project has proven this 100%. Lots of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have gone into battle zones against their will under "stop-loss orders".

World War Three is Starting Right Now.

China and Russia have a mutual assistance pact in place. The agreement was made in 2002 after America invaded Afghanistan. It is written in Article 3 of the Charter of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. They will defend each other in the event of natural disasters and "man made disasters". A man made disaster is just another name for a war. Russian and Chinese military officials meet regularly to enhance and improve their mutual military preparedness, and they conduct regular war games. This military cooperation has accelerated greatly in recent years in response to America's wars without end, and America's saber rattling all over the globe.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, China, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran and Cuba, are only some of the more well known countries on America's list of enemies. However America is currently preparing for war in every corner of the globe. This is the reason why Obama is letting the various states go bankrupt, and why he is cutting unemployment benefits for millions of people each month. Obama's priority is the upcoming World War Three, not the American people. Obama wants more wars, and he will get them no matter how much provocation is necessary.

If America continues it's reckless aggression and provokes China into a conflict the chance of nuclear war is greater than 90%. It will not be pretty, and it will not be over until every last nuclear weapon has been fired.