Sunday, December 5, 2010

Endgame For MossadLeaks , er, um, Wikileaks

Israel's Mossad will execute their patsy Julian Assange

It has now been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Wikileaks is a Mossad (Israeli Secret Service) operation. Julian Assange has been outed. His leaks strongly supported Israel's apartheid regime. In fact he did a truly great job of leaking information, both real and bogus, that supported Israel's desire to invade Iran, and he almost made Israel look like the good guy, despite it's ongoing genocide and illegal siege of Palestine ... almost.

At the same time, the one and only nuclear-armed country that never got smeared or embarrassed by the hundreds of thousands of leaked documents just happened to be the Apartheid State itself. No leaks about ongoing Israeli genocide against the 1.5 million humans in the world's largest open-air prison called Gaza. No leaks about Israeli spies in the Pentagon, and every other place the USA and NATO stash their classified documents. No leaks about Mossad's botched executions.

WAR CRIMES: Israel has a long history of killing defenseless Palestinian women and children.

Canada's National Post(NP) newspaper showed a great example of what happens when a newspaper drinks from Assange's Wikileaks Kool-Aid. The pro-Israel / anti-Palestine / anti-Iran propaganda jumps right off the page. The NP article article almost sounds like it was written in a Mossad boiler-room. It proves my point that Assange did his job extremely well.

The N.P. would have you believe that the peace process is failing because "the Palestinians hope that if only they hold out a little longer, they will be offered even more." Memo to the NP: The Palestinians are starving and wasting away thanks to Israel's sadistic blockade of food, medicine, clean water and basic essentials of life, combined with military aggression and a concentration camp lifestyle. They just want Israel to stop bulldozing their villages to building ever more Israeli "settlements" on what is left of Palestine.

One "settlement" at a time Israel devours on the lands of Palestine

Assange has served his purpose, and like all patsy's he is now due for termination. Julian Assange will disappear, "commit suicide" or have a "heart attack" before the summer gets here. Now he will see the other side of Mossad.

The reason: Assange and Mossad went too far with the whole Wikileaks affair. Every major NATO power and every Western intelligence agency has been compromised by the leaks. Now it is payback time, and Mossad's best damage control strategy is to snuff out Assange and pray that the multinational retaliation coming it's way will be merciful. Maybe the world will think Wikileaks died with Assagne and start forgetting the whole ordeal.

The first nation to go public and spill the beans about Israel being the source of almost every Wikileaks document was Turkey. Turkey had essentially shut down all relations with Israel since the mass murder of Turkish peace activists on the flotilla of ships which were carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Turkish anger over Israel's mass murder on the high seas has gone right off the charts. Turkey has already gone into payback mode, expelling Israeli diplomats and cutting all military and commercial cooperation with the Apartheid State. Turkish intelligence had already connected the dots between Assange, Mossad and Wikileaks and they went public. Other intelligence agencies around the globe were already reaching the same conclusion, and formulating their own payback strategies, but Turkey's blunt disclosure accelerated the get-even game.

Israel is nervous. Now that they have been outed as the major source of Wikileaks the massive scale of their spying and infiltration of Western governments has been laid bare. The mountain of classified documents shows that Israel has penetrated and totally compromised every nation that supports the War Criminal Regime in Tel Aviv. Israel is the greatest threat to national security ever faced by America and NATO.

Assange has gone into hiding. He seems to be doing a long-overdue reality check: The patsy always gets killed in the end.

Goodbye Assange. You and your MossadLeaks, er, um, Wikileaks have overstayed your welcome. Those who swim with the sharks sometimes get bitten.

WAR CRIMES: Israel attacks defenseless schools and UN food warehouses with illegal White Phosphorus Bombs.

Note to Readers: It is perfectly OK to criticize any country including Israel. However, broad based attacks against all Jewish people are misguided. Millions of Jews around the world hate what their Israeli government is doing and they share my disgust for Israel's war crimes and genocide.

The views expressed are the personal opinion of Dr. Goldstein