Sunday, April 17, 2011

Obama And The Republicrat Agenda: WW3 and Domestic Tyranny

Some American people still cling to the false belief that the Democrats and Republicans are opposing teams with conflicting objectives. This rapidly shrinking minority believes that voting for one team or the other will somehow make a big difference.

They think one team might eventually prevail, and then everything will be OK. In their minds there is a bright light at the end of America's current journey down a dark tunnel.  

On the other hand, most people are waking up. A growing majority knows that the American government, at all levels, has been systematically corrupted and hijacked. They know that the politicians, and the unelected decision makers, are letting dark forces set the agenda. The mandate to serve the public and defend the constitution is trampled as they focus on serving their corporate masters and foreign handlers.

The politicians are mostly on one team best described as the Republicrats, and they bow down to the same psychopathic masters. Republicrats support cutting what little is left of America's tattered social safety-net, while dramatically increasing military spending. They dole out trillions for ever more wars, and covert destabilization of democracies. Republicrats steal from taxpayers to "bail out" the same evil bankers who systematically destroyed the real economy and put millions of people out on the street to beg. Obama and the Republicrats are simultaneously creating the greatest possible economic depression and World War Three.

The majority is waking up and smelling the coffee. It has an unpleasant aroma that reeks of corporate control, foreign influence, bribery, corruption and the stench of politicians and decision makers who have been bought, bribed and blackmailed into submission. The facade of the Democrats v. Republicans illusion has worn thin. 

The entire government and it's endless armies of domestic law enforcers, tax collectors and homeland security forces have become the greatest oppressors of freedom-loving Americans. Even alternative medicine practitioners are now in the crosshairs. Those who prefer natural herbs over corporate pharmaceuticals will soon be getting busted for possession of Echinacea and Saint John's Wort with the intent to distribute, and similar "crimes". The "land of the free" isn't so free anymore. Whether it becomes the "home of the brave" or the home of the compliant sheeple remains to be seen.

The main underlying dynamic that could bring a revolution is that most Americans know the difference between good and evil. They know right from wrong. They know what they are feeling is corporate controlled oppression, not freedom. They are looking at the heavy-handed regime that is supposed to serve them and protect the constitution, and they can see that the whole train has been hijacked and driven right off the tracks. It is getting hard to find Americans who are unaware that something is catastrophically wrong. The escalating efforts to muzzle the internet, and reestablish control of what constitutes news, could be the final wake-up call that stimulates a massive public uprising against the broken and corrupted Republicrat system Americans call a democracy.

The surging popularity of Texas Congressman Ron Paul, in every corner of America,  points to a disillusioned populace desperately looking for an honest politician they can still trust and respect. Unfortunately, Dr. Paul's popular agenda which includes ending all wars and abolishing abolishing both the IRS and the Federal Reserve, will never get a green light from Obama and his Republicrats. Real elected "representatives of the people" are truly few and far between. 

At home, the American regime is relentless in it's war on domestic freedom and liberty. The self-granted power of the government is expanding daily, at the expense of individual liberty and privacy. At the same time the USA is pushing every hemisphere on the planet into a global conflict. 

Future historians will look back and say that both the collapse of America and the beginning of World War Three were well underway in 2011. What year will they say was the year the American people abandoned fear, and stood up to reign in and reclaim their government?