Monday, October 17, 2016

To Have WW3 or not have WW3 ?

To Have WW3 or not have WW3 ? - That Is the question......and Donald Trump is the answer

If we prioritize the issues facing all humanity at this moment then World War 3 must be top of the list. The situation in Syria, with Russia "all in" on preventing another US-led Regime Change, could escalate into a nuclear war overnight. As a 6 year US Army veteran I can assure you this.
The Russians, The Chinese, The Iranians and a few other nations have very good reasons to be nervous right now. Very nervous. They have fingers on their nuclear launch buttons, and a "use 'em or lose 'em" mindset.  America's endless wars and non-stop regime changes have pushed them into a corner.  The biggest war-machine ever assembled is outside their house, in their face,  looking in the windows hurling threats and insults. Of course they are nervous, but standing strong for their people.
We must prevent World War 3. We can only do that by restoring normal respectful relations with Russia. And that will only be possible with a President Trump. 
I like Putin a lot. He wants normal, peaceful relations with the rest of the world. And I love the fact that Putin and Trump have spoken highly of each other. That can save us. 
Trump is the one and only presidential candidate who offers hope, real genuine hope, for ending the insanity of the Cold War. In debate number 2 Trump made very clear he would like to work with Putin in destroying ISIS. Beyond that I can see Trump winding down all these Middle East Wars that he hates as much as I do. It's awesome. Let's give Putin and Trump a chance to clean up the ugly mess called ISIS. And then let's get down to the business of making peace, and respecting other nations.
To have World War 3 or not have World War 3 ? - that is the question. The future of the world will be decided on November 8th 2016.

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