Monday, January 16, 2017

TV News And The MSM Died in 2016

RIP: TV News and all corporate controlled News - Nobody is watching anymore - Go back to hell, where you came from.

MSM is dead,  and that is a really really big deal to the elite who pull the levers of power. They had the MSM locked down. Reality was what you heard on the six o'clock news. If it was not on the six o'clock news then it was not happening. Reality was well scripted.  The MSM combined selective reporting with lies and omissions to create a bizarre and ignorant worldview for the masses of sheeple. The sheeple loved their daily kool-aid and believed they were well informed on "current events".

Along came the internet and alternative news and the blogging community. We flipped over the corporate-news MSM apple cart.  The dirty bastards never saw it coming. Now they desperately crawl around like rats. Trying to collect the rotten apples and reassemble the lopsided apple cart into something the public might buy from again. It's game-over, but they are still in the denial and anger stage of the grieving process.

The internet was the beginning of real Independent news and journalism.  It really started to take off around 1995. The truth was out there if you wanted to learn it. One blogger at a time. One independent news site at a time. One news aggregator at a time. It all came together in a beautiful way.

The corporate news morons thought they could just move their fake news apple cart online, and keep the mental kool-aid flowing. But it was a foolish venture destined for failure. There is something magical about the truth. Something refreshing about real news, and learning all the real news the MSM was leaving out or distorting beyond recognition. Once you learn the truth, and discover the sites delivering the truth, there is no going back to the kool-aid. Getting away from those who deceive you is liberating.

TV news and the mainstream fake news are all about money. Making money. Being Greedy with money. Hoarding money like only a money-whore can do.  So who has the money? The government has money. Your money. My money. They steal everybody's money. The 1% elite has money. The big corporations have money.

And they used the money to buy the mainstream media. To create the "reality" of the six o'clock news and the morning newspaper. This is nothing new. It goes back to the fifties maybe earlier.  I don't know I wasn't around back then.

Some may argue the MSM already died when Bush, Cheney, Powell and their handlers used the MSM to teach us about Saddam's WMD's, yellowcake uranium and the other pre-war propaganda. I believe "mortally wounded" is a better description of the MSM under the Bush-Cheney regime.

Death came in 2016 with the Donald Trump Campaign. 2016 was the MSM's last desperate attempt to pour out the fake news kool-aid. But it was too late, and Trump was strong enough to put the MSM lies back in their face.

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