Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"Muslim-Majority Countries" or "Jihadist Strongholds" ?

The hypocrisy and stupidity of "The Left" AKA Obama, Hillary, Soros, the MSM, etc. has been made crystal clear again by recent events. When President Trump phased in measures to prevent America from becoming a Terrorist Outpost all I heard was the phrase "Muslim-majority countries".

But when Obama was bombing these exact same countries - killing millions - making them uninhabitable - and creating the refugee crisis these countries were "terrorist training centers", "Jihadist strongholds", "Mujaheddin controlled", "Sharia Law outposts"... ...everything but "Muslim-majority countries".

Thanks to President Trump the Left got a wake up call. Yes, Obama was a mass-murderer of Muslims. Good Riddance Obama.

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