Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Alex Jones InfoWars in the Deep-State's Crosshairs

Internet true-news is now the CIA's biggest enemy. 
A war has begun.

Opinion by Dr. Goldstein
My guess: The CIA is paying these advertising pricks whatever they lose from Infowars revenue. Edward Snowden made it clear that the CIA has it's slimy tentacles pulling the levers at all big internet companies, not just Facebook. 
Regardless whether you personally like Alex Jones or not this is huge.
My bet: The CIA is furiously trying to regain the control of the media-message it had in the pre-internet age of TV News, Newspapers, Magazines, etc.  In the Reagan era, the CIA controlled 95% of all "news" content. 
Infowars is just target # 1, due to audience size, but every other internet truth site will be targeted as well. 

The TrumpTrain victory over what was supposed to be an engineered "win" for Hillary really pissed off the CIA, and caught their deep-state by surprise.
Internet truth-news is now the CIA's biggest enemy. A war has begun.

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