Friday, October 14, 2011

Bloggers: Take A Bow

The unfolding "Occupy Revolution" was made possible by the elite's worst nightmare...  ...the internet.

Those filthy greedy 1% who own everything and control all major political parties had the 'news media' totally in their pocket as well. The internet toppled their propaganda apple cart, and they never saw it coming. Even world class bullshit artists, like chain-smoker Obama, are quickly exposed by the internet's unwavering spotlight.

Citizen Journalists and Citizen Investigative Reporters (AKA Bloggers), have re-educated the population with Reality 101 and Advanced Reality 202 as well. The Occupy Generation won't be fooled again. Bullshit-free "Internet News" like W.R.H. is the only news for a growing majority.

Occupy has already set in motion an unstoppable force of Good v. Evil and Truth v. Lies.

Nobody can pretend America is "a free country" anymore. Even the dupes who still cling to the tattered remains of the MSM can see freedom of expression and freedom of assembly being beaten down by the violent thugs with badges.

Bloggers, take a bow. The revolution is on. The 99% will set us free.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr