Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scott Olsen: The Best Is Yet To Come

If you are reading this you probably know who Scott Olsen is, and you were elated when you heard his encouraging message from the hospital and his plans to move forward. Scott wants to "see you in the streets".  Let's be there waiting for him.

Occupy needed a leader or a role model or an icon we can all trust. Someone who speaks the truth in these times when the truth is treason was not enough for a leaderless uprising. In order to become the Icon of Occupy a previously undefined sacrifice was needed. Scott made that sacrifice when he stood in between the thugs with badges and the peacefully-assembled citizens. He took a tear gas canister to the brain in order to protect the basic rights of free assembly and free expression. These two rights form the backbone of a free country, and any country oppressing free speech and free assembly cannot dare to call itself "a free country". Scott knew that. When he is back in the streets thousands of citizens from across the country will proudly stand with him.

The two values that define Scott are 'truth' and 'courage'. Sure, he served The Beast for a few years like many of us did when we were young and easily impressionable, but this is not what defines him. Scott woke up one day and walked away from the Marines. He showed his true colors when he joined the real struggle for liberty back in "The Homeland". 

Is any forum more trolled and spammed out by the Pentagon / Mossad (yes, these words are interchangeable) than The Guardian's forums? The venomous attacks against both Olsen and Occupy in The Guardian's forums clearly demonstrate the powers that be have identified both as targets on their radars and in their cross-hairs. Occupy and Olsen's potential in particular scare the shit out of these taxpayer-funded enemies of freedom. They know he is one person who can unite masses of people with a common sense of purpose.

The cowardly elite already saw Olsen's potential when the Port of Oakland was shut down by a general strike that was organized specifically to protest the police brutality against Olsen. Good job Scott. The Scott Olsen magic is already working.

I'll see you in the streets, Scott, and one more thing. Thank you for putting the wind back in my sails.